• DanceStudio-Pro

    Find out why thousands of dance studio owners say we are the World’s best dance studio software.

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  • Best Dance Studio Management Software

    best dance studio software

    “The Best Dance Studio Management Software on the Planet. Hands down. I run 4 studios with over 500 kids. I don’t know how I would do it without you guys! XOXOXO”

    Center Stage School for the Arts

  • Communicate and be heard

    DanceStudio-Pro comes standard with a whole suite of automated communication features like Robo-Dialer, Robo-Texter, Robo-Mailer and even Robo-Push. Get the word out like never before.

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  • I Love Robo-Dialer

    Dance Studio I love Robo-Dialer

    “Robo-Dialer and Robo-Texter rock!!! Tuition is late, class is canceled, weather delay… Two seconds and I’m done. Everyone is called and I’ve got a history of it all to back me up. Nice!”


  • Simplify Class Management

    Use the iPad Class Manager to take Attendance, Play your music, view lesson plans and more all in one place. (iPad not required)

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  • There’s just no comparison

    With features like WDSP-TV lobby information system, MyApp-Pro studio Apps, The Choreography Store and so many revolutionary services, It’s no wonder DanceStudio-Pro has no competition.

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