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I just finished my first season on Dance Studio Pro. I really do have more time. I have 110 students and we teach out of an old building with a leaky roof. Just having the auto-caller feature has saved me tons of hours in having to call each student to reschedule classes.

– Cheryl B. – Art in Motion, (Preston)


Every time I log in there’s something new and awesome.

– Rodger A. – Pointe in Time, (Perth, Australia)


Dance Studio Pro WDSP TV


What a great service. I was able to reduce my staff headcount by $65,000 per year! Just with the personal assistants tool. I will never use anything else again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Bella A. – Columbus Cheer and Gym 


I wish I would have known about this years ago. We’ve been using Excel spreadsheets to try to keep up with our students and tuition payments. I’m already not very good at keeping up with who owes tuition. It’s really nice to have a program that will remind parents when it’s time to pay and how much they owe. It keeps me from having to be the bad guy and I get paid on time.

– Jamie K. – Starzzz Dance, (Carrollton)


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I don’t usually write reviews for products, but I have to say, this has made my life easier. I no longer have to remind teachers about when they are scheduled for classes. They get a text the day before and an email. Done. There is nothing worse than getting the “I forgot call” 5 minutes before their class starts, with kids on the floor.

– Melissa T. – Madison School of Dance, (Andersonville)



This program was obviously built by someone that has run a dance business.

– Terra S. – Old Castle Grouppe, (St. George)




I used to pay $125 a month for half the stuff this software does. Happy! Happy! Happy! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Angelica F. – Light It Up Dance Company, (Jacksonville)



I like being able to use my iPad to register new students. It makes me look really professional and makes it easy to get pictures of my students quickly. I always wanted that, but it was too hard. It’s really easy to use.

– Korinna C. – Austin Ballet Corp, Inc. (Austin)


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