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The Rhythm Room has been in operation for over 13 years and we have cultivated a wonderful community of tap students age 4 - 83. Tap dancing has greatly impacted their lives, socially, emotionally, physically AND mentally.

While we smugly like to think of ourselves as pretty successful, the reality is, like most arts based organizations, we operate close to the line most of the time. Throw a little recent pandemic in there and we’re frantically spinning plates on our unicycle (yes, in our tap shoes, insert “Sabre Dance” music here).

What are we saying? If you love what we do you can donate as your applause for us. Keep clapping = we’ll keep dancing :).
We are optimistic that we will continue bringing exciting tap adventures to fans and dancers alike. Thank you for sticking with us.


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To learn more about The Rhythm Room, call 604-230-0531.
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