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Jocelyn Saldivar joined our Destined to Dance Family earlier this year, along with her sister Julissa. Her first love is Soccer, but she decided to add dancing to her list of talents. Last year, the doctor's found a tumor on Jocelyn's brain. Since then, she has had 6 surgeries. Despite all that she has been through, Jocelyn has been a joy to have since her first day of class. She keeps us all laughing with her jokes and crazy questions. Recently, we have learned that Jocelyn's brain tumor has come back, and she has been unable to continue dancing due to surgery. Jocelyn said that she is happy for her sister to continue dancing until she is able to join her again.

We all know that raising children is a bill within itself, now imagine adding uncovered medical expenses to that. To ease the financial burden, we would like to gather donations to give to the Saldivar Family. Any amount is appreciated. Please help us in reaching our goal.


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