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Everyone knows the pandemic has had a huge financial impact globally, but they may not be aware of its impact locally. Some of our 4SDA Families have heartbreaking stories of lost jobs, lost businesses, and reduced income due to the economic crisis. 4S Dance Academy has also felt the financial impact with lower enrollment, restricted class sizes and lost revenue from canceled in-person fundraisers and performances, but we pledge to do all we can to continue to support our 4SDA families throughout the duration of the health and economic crises.

So much has already been taken away from our children, we don't want them to have dance taken away from them too. In an effort to help those families and to help their kids "Keep on Dancing!" we've created this fundraising campaign.

Through the gracious financial support of 4SDA families, businesses, and the general public, we are able to continue to provide the same world class instruction in-studio, with livestream class options, one-on-one correction, dance videos and more! Your wonderful donation will go a long way to help ensure that 4S Dance Academy remains strong and that no dancer in the 4SDA family misses out! THANK YOU!!


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