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We're opening a second dance studio this summer!

We are beyond excited to finally have the opportunity to rent the second suite adjacent to us in the building we are currently in. The Second Studio will be pretty similar to the our current studio (which we'll call First Studio). We already have mirrors. We just need the flooring. And we need your help to purchase it!

+ What is the goal for fundraising?

+ Why is the flooring so expensive?!
Dance studio flooring is expensive because a good safe floor to train on consists of three layers: 1) a plyometric rubber layer at the base to absorb shock, 2) plastic "athletic tiles" to give it a healthy amount of bounce, and 3) the vinyl Marley layer that provides the correct amount of friction to spin and slide. This special floor helps protect against injury one would get from training on harder floors - such as shin splints and stress fractures.

+ What do we plan on doing with the Second Studio?
We have several goals we'd like to accomplish by opening a second studio space. Our primary goal is to raise our ballet program to a more pre-professional level. This means we will be offering more ballet classes for each skill level and age group. Our second goal is to make our schedule more family friendly. This means we will strive to have kids 11 years old and younger home by dinnertime. We would also like for our teens not to have to stay past 8pm. Our third goal is to expand our class offerings. For example, we hope to add a Partnering class as well as beginning level dance classes for teens!

+ Is my donation tax deductible?
Port Townsend Ballet is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax specialist for specific details.


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