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MotionScoop Dance Academy (MSDA) is creating the next go-to dance studio for our community in Queens, NYC!

MSDA was established in February 2018 by Mari Vasconez (Miss Mari) in an effort to provide quality dance training in Queens. MSDA is like an ice cream shop, our students choose the flavors of dance that they want to explore and we build their dance training around this. Mari hopes this process to be individual for each student, yet inclusive so that they encounter different points of view within a “dance class” and what it means in each genre.

At MSDA, we strive to provide quality and pre-professional dance training. This program is geared towards children that demonstrate an inclination towards the arts and are looking for a program that will guide them to explore and excel. We structure our classes with fun and productivity all while adding elements of technical training for a challenging, rigorous and rewarding experience. Our instructors are highly trained professionals in their fields and are professionals in New York City. This means that our dancers will receive the most modern and up-to-date dance education in the industry, guaranteed!

We are raising funds to open and hold classes in our own private location! It helps us reach our goal to build a dance center for our youth where we can provide more flexibility to our dancers in terms of schedule and offer a large selection of classes. Your donation will help us support the continuation and growth of the arts in Queens and the surrounding communities!

Thank you for your support and donations! To learn more about our program please visit our site through the link "Learn more about us".

Happy Dancing,
MotionScoop Kids & Miss Mari


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To learn more about MotionScoop Dance Academy, call (718) 457-5269.
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