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Top 10 Features of DanceStudio-Pro

The World’s Best Dance Studio Management Software.

Of course DanceStudio-Pro has all the features you would expect from a dance studio management software. Student, Class, Teacher, Event, Recital and Costume management, just to name a few. We feel like we should really highlight was makes DanceStudio-Pro the only choice for a modern dance studio owner.

  1. Automate Phone Calls and Text Messages to Students and Parents
  2. Easy mobile Management from iPad, iPhone or your laptop
  3. Sophisticated, but easy to use Parents Portal for online payments and registration
  4. Recurring billing for tuition
  5. Simple to use Student and class management
  6. Event Management with Online Ticket Sales and the Recital Wizard©
  7. Integrated group emailing system
  8. Point of Sale Solution
  9. Robust Tuition Calculation system
  10. DanceStudio-Pro Forum

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Just because we are the most affordable Dance Studio Management software in the industry doesn’t mean that we are “cheap”. There is no reason to charge excessive fees (in some cases, more than $100 per month) just because you have more students.

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