Welcome to 804 Dance Place!

Season 8 egistration is closed. See you in SUMMER 2024!

Now registering for SEASON 8 2023-2024!
Helpful tips:
(1) Early registration is highly encouraged due to demand for classes.
(2) Always add your dancer to the waiting list for closed classes. We add *NEW* classes to the schedule and will pull from the waitlists first.
(3) Log into portal, click REGISTER, to see ALL CLASS OPTIONS for Creative, Tutu, Petite, & Junior levels.
(4) Upper level advancement will be highlighted on your summer invitation letters and class placement is at the discretion of 804 Faculty and not determined solely by age. Ensemble & upper level tap classes are audition and accepted or by invitation only. Please attend auditions on 7/31 at 6:30PM for placement in upper level classes. Please attend tap auditions on 9/7 at 6:30PM for tap placement. Or email us at info@804danceplace,.com and we will help get your dance days on your fall calendar soon!
(5) Level | Ages Guide (please review helpful hint #4 regarding class placement)
PARENT & ME | 18 months - 2
INTRO | 5 years or rising kindergartner's
TUTU | 6-7
PETITE | 8-10
JUNIOR | 10-13
SENIOR | 12+, plus 2-3 years experience
SENIOR/ENS |14+, plus 3+ years experience
ENSEMBLE | invite or audition on 7/31
(6) Happy registering!