Welcome to Ampersand Academy of Dance and Performing Arts!

Explanation of first payment

We have TWO dance sessions from Sept.-May. Each session is 15-16 weeks long. Fall is Sept.-Dec. Spring is Jan.-May. Our school does payments in FULL or 1/3 of the total for the session (15-17 weeks).
This online program is use to the typical dance school doing monthly payments. Your first "monthly" payment ( and amount due with registration) is actually 1/3 of your tuition for the session. You will owe 2 more equal payments.
You are NOT paying in full with registration unless you multiple the amount by three and enter it into "other amount". I will be charging tuition 2 more times and it WILL SHOW that you have already paid on your parent/ student account.

Company members

I have added the company member discount to each current company member. If you are a new company member please send me a message and I will change your student profile so you will get the correct pricing when registering.

I'm excited to offer this online registration option to make the registration process easier. It may take some time (for you AND me) to become proficient. ... But we CAN do it! 😊

COMPANY MEMBERS: Can be any dancer in grades 4-12. No audition necessary. Just enroll in Technique and Company class.

Tuition cap

Families (2 or more students) taking more than 9 classes do not pay for the additional classes.
Please remember you are registering for one session of dance. (Sept.-January OR January- May).

A single student taking more than 6 classes does not pay for the additional classes. Please talk with the Director to correct your online enrollment tuition. .

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