Welcome to Ampersand Academy!

Explanation of first payment

We have TWO dance sessions from Sept.-May. Each session is 15-16 weeks long. Fall is Sept.-Dec. Spring is Jan.-May. Our school does payments in FULL or 1/3 of the total for the session (15-17 weeks).
This online program created for a traditional dance school doing monthly payments. Your first "monthly" payment ( and amount due with registration) is actually 1/3 of your tuition for the session. You will owe 2 more equal payments.
You are NOT paying in full with registration unless you multiple the amount by three and enter it into "other amount". I will be charging tuition 2 more times and it WILL SHOW that you have already paid on your parent/ student account.

Company members

COMPANY MEMBERS: ALL ARE WELCOME! Can be any dancer in grades 4-12. No audition necessary. Just enroll in Technique and Company class.
Parades, special events and more performance opportunities.

Tuition cap

Families (2 or more students) taking more than 9 classes do not pay for the additional classes.
Please remember you are registering for one session of dance. (Sept.-December OR January- May).

A single student taking more than 6 classes does not pay for the additional classes. Please talk with the Director to correct your online enrollment tuition. .

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