Welcome to Chon Reneé Dance Academy!

Annual Theatrical Showcase

Every June there will be an annual theatrical performance featuring the dancers.
The Showcase Fee is $150 (details in guidelines sent upon enrollment).
Students must be enrolled by January of the current year to participate.
Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory.


We have a strict dancewear policy at CRDA. New enrollees receive initial dancewear kit with paid registration.
For additional items, please review and follow the guidelines below:
Creative Movement and Ballet- leotard or skirted leotard (aka dance dress), tights, and ballet or jazz shoes
Hip-Hop/Urban Dance - comfortable athletic clothing, no jeans, and tennis shoes reserved only for dance class
Contemporary - leotard or camisole, dance dress or tunic, jazz pants, footless tights or leggings, and sandalettes, “dance paws,” or bare feet
Jazz and Dance Theater/Acting- leotard or camisole, jazz pants or tights, and jazz shoes
Boys: solid colored shirt & dance/jazz pants are okay in place of leotard and tights
Legwarmers, “arm socks,” and ballet/dance sweaters ARE permitted.
Quality and affordable dancewear are provided in our online store.

Tuition & Billing

Tuition for accounts set up on Auto-Pay start at $60 per month.
Late payments incur $25 fee on the 3rd of every month.

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