2022-01 (January-March) Online Session

Online Lunchtime Bellydance Fitness Fun with Cathy
Cathy Paveley
93 spots left
Lunchtime funtime Bellydance with a focus on fitness!

Make no mistake, this IS a dance class, but we will keep moving the whole class and practice moves to build strength and stamina so that we become stronger dancers.

Among the many benefits of this class, you will experience the joy of dancing to Arabic music, a healthy cardio workout, strengthening of muscles required for strong dancing, guided improvisation, and drills to help with faster transitions between dance moves.

Classes will include a warm-up sequence to prepare the body, improvisation and dance drills to build the momentum or interval phases switching between fast-paced moves for cardio and graceful slow moves for recovery, and then close out with some free-dance improvisation then a cool down and satisfying stretch session.

All levels welcome (there will be something for everyone). If you have to pop out early to make it to your afternoon MS Teams meeting, we will understand!
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Online Bellydance (Intermediate Raqs Sharqi) with Gwen
Gwen Melville
95 spots left
Come dance with Gwen online in a 1-hour intermediate class. In her classes, the focus will be on drills for strength and flexibility, Oriental dance movements and transitions, and then bringing it all together in a choreography which will help you learn to connect the movements to the music.

This class is intended for those with some prior dance experience. Classes are always tailored to the needs of the students. Lots of time for questions, movement breakdowns and questions.
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Online Raqs Sharqi (Advanced Bellydance) with Cathy
Cathy Paveley
94 spots left
Join Cathy online for a 1-hour advanced class in classic cabaret Oriental dance (with the occasional folklore influence included); includes chest and abdominal isolations, layered moves, veil entrance moves, sagat/zills, arms, spins and more.

Practice elements, combinations, and a short routine that you could use to present your own solo suitable for a party or Arabic club/restaurant setting.

Costuming tips and cultural information will be included in this hour and a half long class.

This class is intended for those with previous Bellydance experience; content is tailored to the needs and requests of the students.
7:15 PM to 8:15 PM

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