Introductory Courses 2023

Introductory Mozaik - Term 4
Introductory level Mozaik Global Fusion class. Mozaik is a style created by Soul Dance that fuses together influences from along the Silk Road and into parts of Europe. We use big flowy skirts for this style which are provided for your use in class.
This class is suitable for both those that would like sign up for the whole term ($90 for 5 weeks) or those that would like to pay per class they attend ($25 per class).

5 weeks, 4th Oct - 1st Nov
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Magenta Studio
Kedron - Promenade Dance Studios
Introductory 1 Bellydance and Mozaik - October Intake
Join us for this very special 5 week introductory course with Soul Dance's founder and master teacher - Margaret. This course will cover both of the styles we teach at Soul Dance, Bellydance and Mozaik Global Fusion. It is the perfect choice for those which are uncertain which to choose or are interested in learning both styles.

5 weeks from 5th Oct - 2nd Nov
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Petrie - Soul Dance Studio

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