2021 Season

Tumble Class REC
We have several separate tumbling classes that are available to work towards your child’s tumbling skills and no cheerleading stunting or dancing. This includes strength training, conditioning and stretching as well as special equipment and stations are used to work on tumbling for each level. When your child enrols in one of our Tumbling classes, it is important to remember that every athlete is different and learns at their own pace and progression. Some kids learn moves more quickly than others and to not compare your child to anyone else. It is also important that your child learns all of the techniques of each skill to prevent them from getting hurt or injured.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:00 PM to 12:00 PM
Cheer Floor
Royal All Stars Cheer & Dance
Junior Thrones REC
Our recreational cheerleading program is a “stepping stone” in to competition cheerleading where athletes learn the basics of the sport. Our competition level starts at 8 years old in the competition year. We have designed a program to teach young athletes the building blocks in tumbling, stunts, jumps and routine building whilst having fun with games and activities all at the same time!
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Cheer Floor
Royal All Stars Cheer & Dance

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