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Welcome to CSOD

CSOD is a family run company that will provide your child with quality technical training. We are delighted to have your child begin their dance journey with us.

Enrolling with CSOD all parents/guardians and students agree to abide by the following rules and regulations set out below.

By enrolling with CSOD you agree that you are over 18 years of age and are either a parent/guardian of the student you are enrolling or a student yourself.
The registration fee must be paid in full in order for your enrolment to be processed. Unpaid enrolments will not have their place held if classes were to fill prior to payment being made.
All enrolments are to be completed honestly and legally by the parent/guardian or student and hereby releases any directors, teachers or staff of CSOD from any claims of damages or injuries sustained whilst participating in any activity related to CSOD in and out of the studio environment.
Cecchetti Ballet exam students from grade 4 MUST enrol into PBT.
Students will be offered a place in our competition teams and must comply with their contracts and enrol in required classes.
Enrolment information will not be given out to any third parties with the exception of student names for external sourcing for costume and trophy/medal purposes etc. Any persons not recorded on the students enrolment will have no access to information provided.
CSOD reserves the right to combine or cancel classes due to insufficient enrolments.
CSOD reserves the right to refuse enrolments.
CSOD has a heat policy - please refer to separate document
CSOD has uniform requirements - please refer to separate document.

A once off $25 registration fee per student is required upon enrolment. This fee covers all the administration costs associated with your enrollment such as the Parent Portal etc. and secures your child’s spot for the year.
A 5% family discount applies if two (2) or more students are enrolled from the same family, (discount does not apply to capped classes, ballet exam, dance crew, PBT or private lessons)
Casual classes MUST be paid per week in cash prior to the lesson commencing.
A once off $20 performance fee will be applied to each student and invoiced with their term 2 fees for our Mid Year Performance and $50 fee which will be invoiced in Term 4 for our End of year performance. This covers costs for our venue rehearsal for our end of year performance including venue hire, technicians etc.
Casual class students may not be able to participate in the mid year/ end of year performances unless they attend more than 90% of classes.
All invoices will be sent via email except for the registration fee of $25 - this must be paid upon enrolment and will not be invoiced.
Fees for dance tuition are charged at the beginning of each term.
Payments for tuition are required in FULL as per INVOICE DATE.
Fees still outstanding by week two (2) of the invoice due date will incur a 10% late fee. A further 5% late fee will incur each week until fully paid.
Term fees that are carried over to the next term will incur a $50 late fee.
Payment plans are optional - if you are unable to pay your tuition in full by the specified due date please contact us to arrange alternative payments - this however must be established before the invoice due date not after.
No refunds are available for change of mind.
Credits/ refunds are available to students who have obtained an injury/illness that prevents them from participating in class for an extended period of time. A medical certificate for the injury/illness sustained by the student from their acting physician for the specified dates will only result in a credit/ refund given at the directors discretion.
Term fees are non refundable/ credited on missed classes. CSOD will not issue any refunds or credits for any reason (unless stated above) including where a student misses a class, does not want/unable to attend class (either in person or online) this includes holidays, other activities clashing, public holidays or the student is unwell. Students who provide a medical certificate may have their invoice credited upon the discretion of the director.
If any classes are canceled by the teacher or director , a make up class is at the discretion of the teacher if there is availability.
If CSOD does not offer a particular style/class you may enrol elsewhere however you may not enrol into another studio of CSOD offers this style.
Students who enrol midway through a term may have their fees pro-rata. This will be at the discretion of the director.Pro-rata fees are not available for missed classes due to public holidays or personal reasons.
All costume monies are to go to Reception in cash in a clearly marked envelope.
Make up classes are only available for students if another class of the same type is offered until Term 4 commences. No additional classes will be created.

(Ballet / Jazz / Tap / Acrobatics / Contemporary / Hip Hop/ Technique Advanced/Pointe)

(30 Min Classes)
1 CLASS 30 Mins $130
2 CLASSES 60 mins $195
3 CLASSES 1.5 Hours $235
4 CLASSES 2 Hours $300
CASUAL $20 (per class , per week)

(45 Min Classes)
1 CLASS 45 Mins $150
2 CLASSES 1.5mins $235
3 CLASSES 2.15 Hours $365
4 CLASSES 3 Hours $435
CASUAL $20 (per class , per week)

(30 Min Classes)
1 CLASS 30 Mins $130
2 CLASSES 60 mins $195
3 CLASSES 1.5 Hours $265
CASUAL $20 (per class , per week)

(40 Min Classes)
1 CLASS 40 Mins $140
2 CLASSES 1.3 Hours $210
CASUAL $20 (per class , per week)

(45 Min Classes)
1 CLASS 45 Mins $150
2 CLASSES 1.5mins $265
3 CLASSES 2.15 Hours $365
4 CLASSES 3 Hours $435
5 CLASSES 3.45Hours $520
6 CLASSES 4.5 Hours $555
7 CLASSES 5.15 Hours $600
CASUAL $20 (per class , per week)

(1 Hour Classes)
1 CLASS 1 Hour $170
2 CLASSES 2 Hours $295
3 CLASSES 3 Hours $450
4 CLASSES 4 Hours $570
CASUAL $20 (per class , per week)

(45 Min Classes)
1 CLASS 45 Mins $155
2 CLASSES 1.5mins $280

15 Mins $18
20 Mins $25
30 Mins $35

PBT $160

All packages are charged per week for 6+ classes. Classes not included are Dance Crew , Ballet exam, Private lessons and PBT.


Costumes are sourced externally and an account with the supplier must be started prior to the start of Term 2 or within one (1) week of joining from term 2 onwards. Costumes are made and bought on your behalf; some will be hired, others you will need to purchase in full and be able to retain. Some classes may require you to locate and purchase the items yourself.
A non-refundable deposit of $15 per costume for the mid year performance is required in term 2 or one week of joining after term 2.
A non-refundable deposit of $50 per costume for the end of year performance is required by no later than the end of term 2 or within one week of joining after term 2.
Paper invoices will be distributed to each student and FULL payment is required two (2) weeks prior to the mid year performance date and three (3) weeks prior to the end of year performance date.

Students participate in classes, events, activities and performances at their own risk. CSOD will not be held liable for any injuries sustained.
In the event an individual (students, staff, parent/guardians and siblings) sustain an accident or injury an ambulance may be called on their behalf and the individual affected will be liable for any cost incurred. We highly recommend students and their families have an ambulance subscription if they attend onsite. CSOD is not liable for any ambulance or medical costs.
Students with any medical conditions must provide CSOD with a treatment/management plan.
Students who require the use of equipment whether provided or self initiated such as knee pads or exercise balls etc do so at their own risk. CSOD will not be liable if a student injures themselves due to lack of own supply or misuse/accidents.
Acrobatics is done at your own risk. CSOD will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during an acrobatics class or performing any type of acrobatics in another class/ performance or in waiting areas.
All students, parents/guardians and family members agree to respect all other students, teachers, staff and directors.
Any form or abuse or bullying will not be tolerated at CSOD. Any occasions where this is brought to our attention may result in the individual responsible to be asked to leave the immediate area and not permitted to re enrol in the future.
Child protection laws prevent photos or video recordings of children other than your own. Unless permission is sought by all students' parents/guardians there is to be no photography or video taken whilst students are in class excluding staff members. Photography and videos taken at performances are not to be uploaded onto any social media platform without concealing the identity of other students or seeking permission from all parties - including teachers and the director of CSOD regarding copyright of routines and costumes.
The use of alcohol, drugs and smoking is prohibited whilst inside our studio.

Enrolling at CSOD you give consent to use the name and image /video of the student for media & promotion. This will include use on our website and social media platforms. If you would not like your childs images and footage to be used please ensure you tick the relevant field upon your enrolment.
Any parents wishing to post their student on social media may do so unless another student/s is in the same image or video. Before posting either concealment of the other student's identity or permission from their parent/guardian must be sought.

In the event a pandemic or epidemic occurs during our training year which requires a government lockdown -CSOD will continue to provide live/ pre recorded classes/materials via our online learning platforms- ZOOM and parent portal.
Whilst working off our COVID-19 contingency plan, timetables and classes may be altered/ combined/ shortened or cancelled.
As CSOD will continue to offer our services online, term fees will be non-refundable. We understand some students are adverse to online learning and choose to not participate; however please bear in mind that CSOD will not provide any credits or refunds for classes not attended.
Any rules or regulations put in place by the government must be adhered to at all times whilst at CSOD.

By continuing to enrol with CSOD you are agreeing to all terms and conditions that are stated above. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of rules and regulations of CSOD may result in being asked to leave the studio and / or legal action being taken.