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Is it the FLU or Covid?

Hello DanzStar Family!
We are entering the Cold & Flu season with Covid 19. Please boost your immune system by drinking Vitamin C (powder) in a glass cup of water, take multi vitamins, add vegetables to your meals, and drink smoothie with healthy fruits, seeds, and MORE!

If you are unsure of whether you have the FLU or COVID, please visit this link https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/graphics/2020/10/13/flu-covid-19-how-tell-difference-seasonal-influenza/5880649002/ and view the chart. Then email admin@danzstar.com with your symptoms or call our Director at 757-708-3369.

Do not enter the dance studio with any of these symptoms and join us via zoom! Stay healthy and Safe!

Virtual and In-person

All students are welcome to participate in dance class online or in-person. Students who are in-person are required to wear a mask during class. If you have a medical condition, please notify our Director Mrs. Star or Administrator Felicia Wolf. Classes are 50 minute instead of 60 minute to allow our staff to disinfect between each class. Temperature check upon entry and sanitizer hands before dancing on the dance floor. Safety first and Dance Second! :)
We thank you all for your support and cooperation.

New DanzStar Shop

DanzStar have a new SHOP! We have T shirts, masks, cups, pop sockets, bags, pillowcase, and hoodies COMING!
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