Welcome to the Dee Street portal


We use DanceStudio Pro dance studio software management system.
This means can create an account and login to our portal. 

Once that's done, you will be able to book in for classes, access our
student portal, manage bookings and communicate easily with us as needed.
If you have danced with us before, you will most likely be in the system already,
so please follow the prompts and add all the details the system asks for to book in.

If you're new to Dee Street please create your an account and select the add
student option to complete the process and book in.

The system is set up to work for families who have more than one member in a family,
this may throw you off a little so please be patient, just add yourself as a student
and you should be able to book.

PLEASE NOTE you will not be able to view courses until you have entered
your birthdate and refreshed the page.

If you have tried all the options for signing in / booking and are still having difficulties,
please get in touch and we'll help you through.

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