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5/1/2020 update
Dear Dance families,

This time have brought challenges for everyone including the studio. I am sadden that we have not received any type of relief as of this date. Large lease and monthly expenses are taking a toll on the studio finances and I have begun to dip into my personal family finances to help keep the studio moving in the month’s to come. I want to thank you in advance for the families that have continued support our program of dance for our community. Our FRS family sticking together through these times is what will help us to work through this crisis as seamlessly as possible. Things change every hour, day…week and we are trying to find the best way for us to finish the dance season that is safe for everyone and move the studio into the summer. Our commitment for the 2019-20 dance season ends in May —- as will monthly tuition. However, we are prepared to offer in studio classes from this dance season into the summer to honor our commitment to our dancers.


Over the years, we've experienced how resilient and strong our FRS family can be, and we are asking for your support now more than ever!

Please note: No late fees will apply for March, April or May. Please support our studio and make April/May payment on your own time schedule. We hope this will allow families needing the flexibility the opportunity to keep supporting out dance program and allowing their dancer to complete the dance season.

How make payment:

Login to your parent portal

Click Account

Click Pay Online

OR email us to request us to autopay on your behalf.

March tuition did run as scheduled. Late fees have been removed.
April was posted but did NOT run through autopay.
May monthly tuition was posted at a rate of $45 for all dance families. It did NOT run through autopay. MAY is the LAST monthly tuition commitment for our 2019-20 dance season. You are welcome to pay more to help support our studio.

Withdrawal. At a time where we are having to bend the rules, we are not requiring the policies and procedures for withdrawal. While we hope you will support and stay with us, I understand some families are in situations that will not let them. Please email me directly to let me know how we can help.

VIRTUAL CONTENT-We will continue to offer online live and recorded classes for not only your dancer but for the household. You may find these classes:

Facebook - Private Student Only page
Parent Portal
Specific student classes will be available for students to view at their convenience.
These classes will use the format recorded on Zoom, Facebook and direct uploads.
Music and choreography for practice, warm ups, stretches and classes by our teachers and some of my fellow dance teacher friends I feel are a good fit for our students
Additional free online classes for parents and family to take to keep you moving and active available
Zoom Online classes. Zoom is a free app. We will only be using with password to help with the security of the participants

How to find our online options?


Be part of our Facebook private Student Only Page>


Parent Portal

Log into your Parent Portal>


Click Shared Files

Here you will find 3 TABS

1. Share Files-Here you will find folders with options for recorded classes from our live sessions and/or recorded classes from our guest teachers and FRS friends helping us at this time.

2. Class Files-The links in this tab will include recorded classes and dances for your dancer’s specific class.

3. Class Music-Specific music for your dancer’s class will be found in this Tab.

STUDIO CLASSES-Flexible Class Make Ups -Once we can resume classes in the studio, we will be making up some lost classes in the studio by extending our season into the Summer, offering some make up opportunities, and extra rehearsals for our end of year showcase. This may be out of the norm of our regular classes but since our classes are small I am confident we can find a solution. Notice to Daycares: we are uncertain of our presence in each daycare. Your student will have access to the studio and online for their classes. If we are allowed in the daycares in June, we will make some time for classes.

Once we are back in the studio, we will continue to record studio classes online through Zoom.


It breaks my heart to let you know we will not have a full theatre recital this year. Our plan is to offer "Showcases" in groups which will be scheduled after we return. Our goal is to allow the students the opportunity to perform for family and friends. The current recital fees will not be posted to your account. Once we determine our "Showcase" plans, we will let you know how we will move forward. We currently have a small venue reserved for the last two Saturdays in June but that may change. We plan to schedule the showcase in a manner that is safe and recommended by our state and county officials. We hope your dancer will perform with their fellow dance friends.


We do plan to post Summer Camps as soon as possible. Please support our studio and make plans to attend. Share our Summer Program with your friends. I am proud of our Summer Camp program. The kids have an amazing time. We hope that many of you will be able to join us to support the studio. The Summer program will be posted as soon as we have a better idea of Summer Camps for our state/county. Pre-payment for Summer will not be required but a card on file will be requested with payment being made when we know for sure that the camp will be made.

I truly appreciate all the support, kind words and blessings you have sent my way.


FREE CLASSES Via Zoom & Recorded are available to you! PLEASE NOTE: ALL ZOOM LIVE CLASSES WILL REQUIRE LISTING THE PARTICIPANT NAME AND SHOWING OF THE USER'S SCREEN TO HELP US SECURE THE ZOOM MEETING---NO EXCEPTIONS--subject to close the user session if they do not comply. We make every effort to NOT LET ANY NON AUTHORIZE USER use the Zoom Meeting. Please enter the ZOOM Meeting timely to help us make this process smooth to continue with class.

1. Under "Shared Files" are folders with classes and/or music available for the enrolled dancer and family members
2. Under "Class Files" are recorded classes specific to dancer's class enrolled at FRS
3. Under "Music Files are music selections specific to dancer's class enrolled at FRS


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You may print your payments anytime.
Click> Account Settings
Click> Payment History



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