Welcome to Hackworth School of Performing Arts!

Paying Online

Parent Portal - select Account - under drop down menu there is a Pay Online Option.
Select the dancer (if multiple) that you would like to apply the payment to, then select the transaction type that you would like to pay towards (ie: tuition, costumes, competition fees, etc...)
Then enter the Pay Amount and click Add to Payment.
You may enter multiple payments, but please make sure you pick the correct transaction types you are paying towards.
Click Next and follow the prompts.
This will make sure that your payment gets applied correctly on your statement!
Thank you!

Staying Healthy

With all our upcoming competitions/conventions, we would like to once again remind everyone to be both mindful and proactive in trying to stay healthy. Being that we will be in public venues, it is imperative that we do all we can to protect ourselves. Please review some of the suggested guidelines from the World Health Organization with your children, so we can have a fun and safe weekend ahead. And as much as our kids will want to exchange congratulatory hugs or high fives, we are encouraging them to take a national "jazz hands" movement currently sweeping through the nation wide dance community.

Safety first!

Mandatory 2023/2024 Team Competitions

ALL teams our two mandatory competitions this year will be:


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