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Intensive Poinsettia Fundraiser

Hello Team!

I am once again looking after the Poinsettia fundraiser this year. It's a great way to start the holiday season, and a great way to raise some money for your dancer! Profits from every sale will be directly added to your dancer's fees (for costumes, competitions etc) to make your portion a little lighter. For those who were interested last year about 1/3 of the cost that people pay goes to your dancer.

I have attached an order form (feel free to print as many as you like). All order forms and cash are due to the studio by November 10th and all flowers will be delivered to the studio on Nov 29/30 (To be confirmed), and should be sorted by the time classes start. You should plan to pick up your flowers on the day of delivery or the next day if possible to avoid them staying in their plastic sleeves too long (and causing them to wilt). Care instructions will be provided for each order.

If you have a really large order, please contact Lisa McGowan directly to arrange an alternate drop off location and time.

Also, if it is easier, you can collet your cash/cheques and make one cheque out to Lisa McGowan. She will be the one making the payment to Rekkers and can ensure your profit gets to the office for your fees.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all


From October 24 - 30 wear your costume to class, please make sure you can still dance in it. If you would like to send a snack make sure it is NUT FREE.

We are closed October 31th Happy Trick or Treating!

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