Welcome to Impulse Performing Arts!

2 Week Trial Package

Our 2 week trial package is perfect for new students who wish to give our classes a go before committing to the rest of the year.

Dancing is like learning how to read or write, you can't learn it all in one lesson, which is why our 2 week trail package is the perfect way to make sure that each student finds the perfect class for them.

Trial class packages are non-refundable and are payable in full before the first class. This offer is available to new students only and is not available in Term 4. To organise your trail please follow the prompts above to create an account and select the classes of your choice and pay for your trial.

New Enrolments

Thank you for using our online parent portal. Please follow the prompts above to register your child or yourself. Once you have completed your details, the system will show you class choices suitable for each student in the family, and you will be able to select and enrol in the classes of your choice.

To finalise your enrolment, you will be directed to an online payment system through Stripe. At this time you only need to pay your annual registration fee of $30 per student and then your child or yourself will automatically be added to the class roll. You will also receive an email with our current Enrolment Package, which has important information inside including term dates, events, timetable, class fees and uniform.

Terms & Conditions

It is important that you accept and understand all of our terms and conditions upon enrolment. We are a small business and we rely on continued cash flow to keep our doors open. If you accept you agree to pay fees on time and to follow all of our terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully, which can be found in our parent portal.

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