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2019 – 2020 Dance Year Online Student Registration
Dear Halestone Parents and Dancers,

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After creating an account you will see which classes your child can take at Halestone based on the age of your child. Make sure you enter your child’s age accurately into the online system, otherwise you will be unable to register them for appropriate classes. For more information, our entire dance curriculum and information about our pedagogical approaches to dance education can be found on our website www.halestone.com.

If you are having trouble registering your child for a class you believe they belong in, please contact us at halestonedirector@gmail.com. We would like our returning students to be able to continue with the instructors they know already. If our classes have shifted and you can’t find a class that you are looking for, please contact us!

After creating an account with DanceStudio-Pro and registering for classes you can choose to pay your tuition online or in person through cash, check or card. The default will be to pay your child’s tuition in 9 equal installments. If you would like to pay all up front please contact us by email at halestonedirector@gmail.com and we will make sure this is accurately represented in our system.

We are also offering an Auto-Pay option, which you can opt-into when you register for classes online. This option will allow Halestone to automatically charge your card each month on the 15th for tuition due. Auto-pay is offered through a secure online payment processing system. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Make sure you look for class offerings through the online system for both our 2019-2020 dance school year and for our classes offered quarterly, which appear as a separate tab at the top of your registration screen. Classes offered quarterly at Halestone are our classes for dancers 5 and under, which offer the option to take class for the whole year or just for a quarter. Quarters do not need to be consecutive.

Our summer classes are also in the system; be sure to check them out!

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