Friendship - Trust - Love We are so looking forward to having you as part of our happy family at the Hollandse Club

We are so excited to have you as part of our family!
Tanglin Arts Studio is an international team of young dancers from around the world. The language we speak is DANCE.
Besides teaching the correct techniques of dance, we focus on the development of creativity and artistry with our students.
Our aim is to grow their passion for dance, fitness and above all offer access and support to all those who simply love to dance.
We also offer workshops, performance and competitions opportunities in Singapore, Asia and Australia.
We are certain TAS will become your Happy Place as well so let's all have fun, be inspired, be enchanted, be loved and feel the joy dance can give us!


Monday 17th August - FIRST DAY OF TERM
Saturday 12th December - LAST DAY OF THE TERM

Code of Conduct

The Director, Management, Administration Staff, Teachers, Assistant Teachers, Volunteers, Parents and Children will uphold the following ethical conduct principles at all times, and promote positive interactions within the Studio, the Hollandse Club and the local community.

1. Commitment to our Studio philosophy and values, including the promotion of a meaningful connection and partnership with our families and other staff.
2. Effective, open and respectful two-way communication and feedback between employees, children, families and management
3. Honesty and integrity in all interactions between children, families, employees and managers
4. Consistency and reliability in all exchanges with children, families, employees and managers
5. Commitment to Tanglin Arts Studio which values and promotes the safety, health and wellbeing of employees, volunteers, children and families.
6. Commitment to an Equal Opportunity Studio and culture which values the knowledge, experience and professionalism of all employees, parents and children, and their diverse heritage.


Please contact our office manager Miss Lisette via email if you would like to have a copy of our
Privacy & Confidentiality Policy,
Complaints Policy
Working with Children Policy
Management Policy
Terms & Conditions

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