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We look forward to meeting you in the studio.
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GWSDance Academy
Katrina A Pritchard Stutz (MsK)
L.C.B.A-C.I.C.B, ATOD(afil)Dip Musical Theatre, Dip Business,CertIV in Training & Assessment

🌟Welcome to GWSDance🌟

🌟Yearly GWSDance Academy Events
Remember to mark important dates in your diary 🌟
Studio Ballet Exams
Eisteddfods June, July, August
Studio Costume Photo Day November
Concert Rehearsals November /December
End Of Year Show🌟December

🌟Absolute No’s In Uniform attire in all levels

No Push-up bras, Sports crop tops,
Fluro undergarments,
Exposed cleavage.
No Bottom cheeks hanging out of jazz shorts or bare midriffs
Jewellery (except small studs or sleepers) This is for safety reasons
No Ankle jewellery.
Hair must be off the face for every class and in the appropriate style. High pony or bun
Bun always for ballet, especially in Major levels.
Light day Make up for SNRS is acceptable.
No Talons or fake nails in Concerts, Showcase, Exams or Dance Presentations
No caps in class, Baggy sportswear,
Sport shoes
If you want to wear dance singlets please shave armpits.
Boys must wear a dance support. This is also for boys safety
Long hair needs a headband or pulled back with an elastic
Remember how you dress is your presentation of yourself and your work ethic. Dance and performing arts is about high personal presentation and respect for the genre you are training in🌟

Studio Rules & Regulations🌟

🌟Info /Waiver
Before and after classes Parents or Caretakers are responsible for their children in common areas.
Dance is like any physical activity injuries can occur it is your responsibility to seek proper medical advice/attention as required & advised.
Please notify us of any previous /current injuries or health issues.
We reserve the right to stop any child who appears injured/unwell from partaking in the class. Or any students who display poor conduct, bad manners and inappropriate attire. (This includes hair and makeup)
We also, reserve the right to stop any child who is not suitably attired for dancing from partaking in the class.
Please understand that the meeting of boyfriends and friends in mass at the studio is not permitted. The studio is for GWS students, parents picking up students but it is not a meeting place.
All Red Bull drinks or similar drinks are banned.As are cigarettes or any unhealthy habit.
Push up bras, bras in bright colours are not permitted. Cleavage must be concealed and supported.
Jazz shorts MUST cover the bottom completely.
Dance clothes must be clean.
No unrelated dance attire is accepted in classes e.g. slogan t-shirts, caps, big jewellery etc.
Deodorant must be used in students that need it.
Good manners and decorum are part of the studio’s policies for Students & Parents alike. Any unacceptable behaviour towards our teachers and staff will lead to immediate expulsion from this school
Fees must be paid 14 days into the Term. After 2/4 of the term has passed 10% of the Term fee will be added each week to the invoice.
Fees are not weekly but a set Term Fee. If you wish to discontinue classes halfway through a term no refund is given.
Please let us know 4 weeks in advance if you plan not to return the following term or classes.If we have no prior knowledge you will be invoiced and expected to honour that invoice for the subsequent Term.
Fees left outstanding for more than a Term will be collected via Debt Collection Service unless otherwise arranged and discussed. Invoices are made out to the email marked on the enrolment form. Please keep me updated if you change your contact details.
Costumes must be paid for within 14 days of Invoice. Costume invoicing will start from Term 2. It is with goodwill that we order and pay for costumes for your child. If you decide to drop out during the year and your child’s costumes have been ordered you will be required to pay for those costumes.
Exam/Assessment Fees must be paid in advance. Monies for exams and assessments are not part of our income they are forwarded on to CBA Australia Inc.
Please remember we are not part of your family situation. We teach dance. Should your family be in a split or shared arrangement it is not our responsibility to make sure every member of the family that does not communicate well with each other become our responsibility. We contact only the person we have on file who registered the child.

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