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We are 100% black owned. All races and genders are welcome.

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Rescheduling/ Tech Issues/ Cancellation

Rescheduling/ Tech Issues/ Cancellation:

Rescheduling- Understandably your availability may change. If you need to reschedule please provide as much notice as possible. If it is at least 24 hours before you class is scheduled to start you will be able to reschedule using the parent portal. For less than 24 hours email

Tech Issues- Your internet may crash or the dreaded Microsoft Updates may take over. We get it, just email us at to have a class credit applied to your account. Your class credit must be used within 30 days of the original class date.

Cancellation- If your child does not attend class we will email your family just to make sure everyone is okay. For fee based classes it is at the descretion of the teacher to provide a class credit. For unlimited class dance cards and camp dance cards a class credit will not be provided. To contact us email: or text us at directly at (646) 617-9376.

Confirming Student in Attendance

All teachers are required to confirm a child is present in class. There are 3 ways to confirm this:
1) camera on
2) microphone on
3) Contacting the help team before your scheduled class and scheduling a call.

Class Recordings

Our classes are recorded for teaching quality and student safety. These recordings are deleted within 30 days of recording. We offer a number of ways to work with families who can not have their child on camera. Please Email in advance as this is least disruptive to your child's in class experience.

All teachers must complete the student check in process.

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