Welcome to Steppin Out Ballroom Dance!

Class Evaluations are starting THIS WEEK!

In preparation for our upcoming registration for the 2019/20 season, teachers will begin their formal evaluations of students starting this week. These evaluations will be focusing on skills needed to either stay in the student's current level of classes, or to be able to move to another level.

We are so excited for the upcoming season, and will be releasing the schedule after all evaluations and class recommendations have gone out. There are going to be quite a few changes to meet all of our student's needs, and make sure they are constantly growing in their dancing and reaching their goals. Stay tuned for more info!!!! Coming soon!

Measure for Costumes This Week!

We will begin measuring for costumes this week for our Greatest Show routines. Please be sure you child attends classes, so we can get their proper measurements!

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