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New Classes Added for January!

Spring Enrollment opens in December.
All Fall classes continue through April, but if you have room in your schedule to ADD something else, look at the subjects offered.
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Winter/Spring 2020 Term

Several class choices will be added to the schedule for current and new students. We are considering:
- Survey of Art Methods for age 10+ - Pastels, Paper Sculpture, painting, drawing, watercolor...
- Calligraphy & Handwriting for age 12+ (must have begun to learn cursive)
- Paper Arts & Sculpture (origami, quilling, paper mache, cardboard sculpture...)
- Colored Pencil Drawing (realism using layers, blending, patience!)
- Pastel Painting (soft pastels, Nupastels, pastel pencils...)
- Manga/Anime/Cartooning/Fantasy Illustration
- Drawing Realistic Portraits
- Drawing the Realistic Human Figure (modestly!)
- Smartphone Photography & Safe Social Media for Art
- Poetry & Literature
- Teen Literary Society
- Teen Creative Writer's Group
- Civics Club for age 8+ (prepare to be a responsible U.S. Citizen Lobbyist and go to TeenPact in Salem)
- Culinary Arts - Basics of Baking
- Silkscreen Printing for Art & Business
- Yearbook Club & Journalism/Literary Journal
- Vocal Ensemble
- Piano & Guitar Lessons
- Exploring Music for age 7-9
- Exploring Art for age 7-9

Registration will open January 15th at the latest

Open House Workshops will be offered mid-January for students to try out a 1-semester-long class they might like to add to the second half of their annual schedule.

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