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July School Holiday Workshops and Term 3 In Person

You can now enrol in our Proposed Term 3 Classes and Proposed July School Holiday Workshops via this Portal!
We encourage you to secure your spots asap as numbers will be strictly limited to Adhere to Social Distancing Measures.
Payments for the July School Holiday Workshops are not Due until 7 days before the proposed workshop dates.
Term 3 Fees are not due until 14 days after Term 3 commences.
You will not be charged in the event we are unable to re-commence classes/ workshops in person on the dates we have proposed!

Term 2 Online New Students:

New Students:
1. Register an account and select a Free Trial Class! You can still do a free trial class, even if you opt to buy an Acro Pass!
2. If you would like to continue, Purchase an Acro Pass or register for a Casual Drop-in Class!
3. With an Acro Pass Register for the classes you want to participate in and your Acro Pass will be punched every class!
If you attend without an Acro Pass you will be removed from the meeting.
4. Drop-Ins. You can also Drop in for a casual class. The Drop-in fee is $10 Per Class which will need to be paid via Credit Card or PayPal at the time of registration.

Please contact Ilyan Keay if you have any questions or would like any help!

Thank you and I can't wait to see you online!

Acro Passes!

1 Month Pass 1 Class Per Week

1 Month Unlimited Acro Pass $60 per Week
Cards expire 60 days after purchase
$ 240.00

3 Months Unlimited Acro Pass $200 per month for 3 months
Cards expire 120 days after purchase
$ 600.00

1 Month Unlimited Family Pass up to 4 ppl $75 per week!
Cards expire 60 days after purchase
$ 300.00

3 Months Unlimited Family Pass up to 4 ppl $280 per Month for 3 Months
Cards expire 120 days after purchase
$ 840.00

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