Welcome to Innervisions Performing Arts Center!

Innervisions Launch Statement

Innervisions is part of a journey that has been handed down from one amazing owner to the next. Originally, Innervisions started as La Danse Academie under the direction of Fran Fredrick, my teacher and mentor. It later became Willow Street Dance Theatre under the direction of Donna Ziegler, my teacher, mentor, and best friend. Now after over 30 years the studio is still going strong. I am pleased to announce we have moved into a new facility and we are going forward as Innervisions Performing Arts Center! We are so thrilled to have as part of the IPAC fam and will continue to provide a safe, encouraging atmosphere with a top notch faculty.
I have had this dream since I was 16. I assisted at my dance studio six days a week and was basically a studio rat ( as some of you may understand). I always had a vision of what I wanted for a studio and now have the opportunity to make that happen.
The new logo is based off of a photo that was taken years ago of one of my very best friends and I dancing in the Dance For A Cure show. We were dancing to a piece our best friend set on us about her journey with cancer. He ended up passing because of a brain aneurysm and she passed because of the cancer a few years later. They were two amazing dancers and artists whose lives were cut too short.
I will continue to remember the laughter, tears, and unconditional love we had for each other, and I want to implement that in our dancers.
From every encounter with my mentors, friends, and family Innervisions has been born. The journey goes on.

Welcome to the IPAC family! We can’t wait to take this journey with you!

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