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June Production 2020: Wonderland

Don't be late for a very important date!!!
This Father’s Day Weekend 6/19 - 6/21


Welcome to “WONDERLAND” - our 18th June Production at International Academy of Dance. Some of you have been with us from the beginning and know that once upon a time, there was a single theme for the June Production and all choreography created around it: “Around The World In Dance”-“Dancing Through Time” -“Under The Sea”... Did you dance with us in any of those productions? Miss Bee and Miss Randi did.

Since 2014, we have taken a new approach. Director, Shannon Chipman wrote an original story entitled, “Woodland Fairy Tale” inspired by her husband Richard, who had the idea to present the June Production as a story so that it might be more entertaining to families and friends. The feedback was incredible and aunts and uncles that never liked coming to “dance recitals” wanted to stay and watch the whole show. This was encouraging, and although writing an original story and finding a through-line to connect ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and tap - sometimes belly dance, in a meaningful and entertaining way that hopefully makes sense .... is a tremendous challenge - especially with several different casts and countless costumes... It is all worth it in the end and has inspired us to create “Wonderland” - “Seuss-ish” -“Peter Pan” and “Oz.”

Each story is an original and is based on themes we have come to love throughout our childhood. We have found that dancers are able to more fully embrace the drama of their choreography and come alive and into character as they learn that their dances specifically help tell a unique story. In the process, we have noticed dancers becoming more expressive and daring as young artists. This has been one of the many rewarding aspects of creating original productions for our performers.

Although last year, we reinvented “A Woodland Fairy Tale” it was new take on our original story as new choreography and characters emerged. Undoubtedly, “Wonderland” will be similar, as it is a re-take. It is likely to be an entirely new production with new surprises and twists... Maybe you remember Miss Melissa as Alice, Miss Shannon as the Red Queen and Miss Bee as the Mock Turtle?

The opportunity to perform is an exciting, empowering and confidence-building part of the training process. We love to see all of our students learning about the theater and becoming enriched by the rehearsal process, making new friends, developing a love for the theater and getting a taste of what it takes to be a professional. The June Production is an opportunity for dancers of all ages and abilities to showcase their progress, passion, dedication and artistry in a nurturing, fun and professional environment.

We all started with our very first performance... What a special day! It can be hectic, confusing and even stressful around performance time, especially if it is all new... but the magic is worth waiting for. We are so glad that you are part of our dance family! We can’t wait to see your dancer shine on stage!

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