Welcome to Ballet Detroit's registration portal!

Please ensure that you register for the correct location and pick classes based on your child(ren)'s current age. Your child(ren)'s class placement will be confirmed after the directors see your child in class for the first time. Please email info@balletdetroit.org if you have any questions or concerns!

Mandatory/Optional Classes:

Pre-Ballet - 1 class per week
Primary Ballet - 1 class per week
Level 1 Ballet - 1 class per week
Level 2 Ballet - Mandatory Monday & Tuesday classes
Level 3 Ballet & Pointe - Mandatory Monday, Wednesday, & Friday classes
Level 4 Ballet & Pointe - Mandatory Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday classes / Optional Tuesday class
Level 5 Ballet & Pointe - Mandatory Monday, Friday, & Saturday classes / Optional Tuesday & Thursday classes

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