Welcome to Step N Sound Studios!

2023-2024 Discounts:

Multi-Class Discounts:
2 Classes = $25 OFF
3 Classes = $50 OFF
4 Classes = $75 OFF
5 Classes = $100 OFF
6 Classes = $125 OFF
7 Classes = $150 OFF
8 Classes = $175 OFF
9 Classes = $200 OFF!!!!

Early Registration Discount:
Make your full tuition payment by July 31st and receive your ADDITIONAL 10% discount! (This discount applies to tuition fees only on classes registered for by July 31st; costume fees, registration fees & Boutique purchases do not apply.)

Fees, Terms and Conditions

- Registration Fee of $25 applies to all students (non-refundable).

- NEW STUDENTS ONLY: “Recital Accessories Fee” of $60 will be applied after season start date.

- Credit/Refunds are not given for missed classes by students.

- There are No Refunds after the Trial Period.

- Monthly Late Fees are applied to all overdue accounts; 3% of your remaining balance & your child will not be admitted to class until the account is caught up.


Tuition Payments:
Payment Due by the 15th day of each Month:
Payment #1 - September 30th, 2023.
Payment #2 - October 27th, 2023.
Payment #3 - November 24th, 2023.
Payment #4 - December 21st, 2023.
Payment #5 - January 18th, 2024.
Payment #6 - February 15th, 2024.
Payment #7 - March 15th, 2024.
Payment #8 - April 15th, 2024.

Accepted Forms of Payment:
In-Person Debit
Cheque (made out to: Step N Sound Studios)
Email Money Transfer to: info@stepnsounddance.com
Online Credit Card (3% transaction fee on all online payments)
In-Person Credit Card (3% transaction fee on all credit card payments)
NEW!!! Auto-Pay option (pre-authorized payments; 3% transaction fee applies)

*Special payment arrangements may be made on an individual basis; please contact us for details*
**Dance is fully supported by KidSport Iroquois Falls; applications available at the Jus Jordan Arena Complex**
***Cochrane students can apply with Jump Start*Canadian Tire. Applications are filled out online***

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