Welcome to Ballet 180 School!

In-studio classes are currently limited in size due to social distancing requirements. If you are unable to enroll in an in-studio class of choice, we recommend the following:

FIRST: Add yourself to the waitlist
We will be evaluating waitlists to see if we are able to add any additional classes to the schedule based on demand. We will also refer to the waitlists should a spot open up.

NEXT: Sign up for the same class virtually
Our virtual classes will be with the same teacher and students as the in-studio classes. This will give all students, whether virtual or in-studio, a sense of camaraderie and consistency in training. It will also provide for a smoother transition should we be able to increase in-studio class enrollment.

Please Note:

Students registering for in-studio classes are welcome to switch to virtual should the need arise, but we cannot guarantee their spot in in-studio class should they wish to switch back. We will be closely monitoring things for everyone's safety, which is why we have it set-up so that classes can easily switch from in-studio to virtual.

Virtual classes will be taught LIVE so that students can receive real time feedback.

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