Welcome to The 23rd Street Dance Company!

~Tuition & Payment~

Kearney monthly tuition: $47/1 class per week. $62/UNLIMITED classes per week. Taylor: $55/UNLIMITED per week. Kearney monthly Daycare/Preschool Locations tuition: $48/1 class per week. Receive our Perfect Attendance Discount (P.A.D) $5.00 credit to next consecutive month per student. Tuition is paid in advance and due by the 1st of each month. Our site accepts secure online credit card payments through Stripe as well as Paypal. Payment online is encouraged. Checks & Cash are accepted by hand delivery only. Studio is open same time as dance classes offered, see schedule online for times.


Summer Dance Sampler: 1) choose your dance card found on your accounts main page! 2) pick all classes for your age group as drop-ins! Tutorial on "drop-in" classes can be viewed in your account under shared files!

~Reoccurring Payments~

You may also enroll in auto pay to have tuition automatically paid by your credit card / debit card / ACH (Echeck). You can cancel or update this feature at any time during enrollment. This auto pay feature does not work for the dance cards as this is not a reoccurring purchase monthly.

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