Welcome to Dance & Aerial Addiction!

Studio Documents

Please make sure to download, read and sign the waiver of liability, code of conduct and dress code documents in your account. Any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Registration & Tuition

Monthly Tuition Prices:

1 Class* - $65/month
2 Classes - $120/month
3 Classes - $170/month
4 Classes - $220/month
5 Classes - $270/month
6 Classes - $310/month
7 Classes - $350/month
8 Classes - $380/month
Unlimited Class Pass - $380/month

*Classes meet once per week.

There is a $40 non-refundable registration fee for new students

Discontinuation & Withdrawal

Upon enrollment students are expected to complete Recital Program. Withdrawals from class must be submitted in writing prior to the 15th of the preceding month to avoid tuition costs being posted to the account.
Refunds credits or transfers will not be issued.
Withdrawals must be handled through the front desk, and not in class with a teacher.
If a students stops coming to class, but has not been withdrawn in writing, the family is liable for tuition until a written withdrawal is submitted.

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