Welcome to Concord Arts!


In 2017, we began discussions with FBConcord leadership with an eye toward moving the Dance and Drama portions of CPAA's programming off-campus so we could expand and operate more effectively. As most of you know, because there are so many large and active ministries at FBConcord, access to space and time is at a premium on campus. This spring, as we began planning the calendar for our 2018-19 season and as we were affirmed by FBC's leadership, we realized now was the time to take a leap of faith.

​Effective August 1st, CPAA's Dance and Drama program will formally be known as CONCORDarts Dance and Drama and will operate independently of FBC. We are thankful for the support we've received from FBC over the years and want you, as parents, to know that while the name will change, our focus will not. The leadership and staff of CONCORDarts Dance and Drama remains dedicated to providing high-quality instruction - teaching children how to use their artistic talents in ways that bring honor to God.

​To insure we continue to stay true to that vision, we plan to establish an Advisory Team comprised of parents, as well as ministry leaders. If you would be interested in serving the program in such a capacity, please email us at info@concordarts.org. We also have much to accomplish in the next 2-3 weeks so we covet your prayers - and maybe your backs! Watch your inbox for ways to get involved in the transition. Now, with that out of the way, I'm sure you are curious to know where your classes will meet.

After considering a wide variety of potential locations to host the new CONCORDarts Dance and Drama programs, we are pleased to announce that we've reached an agreement with the leadership of Virtue Cumberland Presbyterian Church to host our Dance and Drama classes. Virtue Church's beautiful campus is located at 725 Virtue Rd, just south of Turkey Creek Rd and about 2-3 minutes west of the FBConcord campus. This facility is largely unused during the week, which makes it ideal for our programming. Pastor Steve Graham and the rest of Virtue Church's leadership is extremely happy to have our families on their campus and using their facilities for such an important program.

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