Welcome to DanzStar!

Enrollment is OPEN

Enroll today for ONLY $15...yes it is $10 off. Ends 9/15/20

New: Learning Hub starting October 12, 2020

Virtual and In-person

We will have virtual class starting 9/9/20 until 10/9/20. On 10/12/20, the studio will be open for in person dance class. Our Staff will be required to wear a mask with ages 5 and up. Pre-Ballet class will wear a mask upon parent discretion.

Winter Recital

Our Recital from June 2020 has been postponed to December 12, 2020 in the studio with refreshments. We will also have our year finale performance June 12, 2020 via Kroc Center. Details will be sent by September 15, 2020.

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