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Classes Resume at DAUI

The 2023-24 dance season begins on Monday, September 11th. Be sure to check your dancer's schedule for the correct days and times. The "file" folder (look for the music note icon) contains the registration form needed for your dancer(s) as well as the class attire information and closing calendar . Be sure to purchase the correct attire and shoes for your dancer, as each class is different. Note that this information can also be found on the studio website. Hair should be in a secured bun for classes. Students who choose to wear a ponytail or braid should ensure that it is pinned up so that it cannot reach your eyes or face when moving. Students are not allowed to take class with hair down or in a long braid or ponytail for safety reasons. Write your dancer's name INSIDE of his/her shoes (write the name on a piece of tap if the inside of the shoe is black). DO NOT write names on the bottom (sole) of your dancer's shoes. Thank you!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page @Danceartistryunlimited.

Costume Fees

This year DAUI will divide costume payments into four installments instead of our usual three. Your first deposit amount will appear in your dancer's account on November15th in the amount of $75.00 with a due date of December 15th. Your next installment will appear on December 15th with a due date of January 15th and a third installment on January 15th with a due date of February 15th. Any remaining costume balance for each dancers participating in more than three styles of dance will be divided into a March and April installment (Note: CI dancers will have a December and January installment, with any remaining balance for tights and accessories due in February, if they only perform two routines)

Costumes with tights and accessories usually run approximately $80-90.00+ per costume for children up to size large and $85-100.00+ per costume for child extra large through adult sizing. At DAUI tights and accessories are always included in the costume total for each dance routine. Please know that I do my very best to select reasonably priced, quality looking items to suit each routine. Also note that each installment is assessed a late fee if not paid on time and cannot be combined with checks for tuition or other payments. A separate check/money order must be submitted for the costume payment alone. Payments may be made in person at the studio or online by credit card through your DancePortal account, please note that online payments will include a 5% processing fee per dancer. By submitting your first deposit you agree to pay for any and all costumes ordered for your dancer; your dancer will have one costume per dance genre.

Please note that additional costume and recital-related information is not available at this time - a tentative date can be found on the studio website "Events" tab. As always, information will be emailed home as soon as it is available and will show on the DancePortal bulletin board. The online Google calendar and bulletin board in DancePortal will clearly show all event and due dates as they are decided.

Weather Cancellations

Dance Artistry Unlimited follows the VBCPS closing schedule for holidays, vacation, and weather cancellations. If after school activities are cancelled, the studio will be closed. In addition, the studio is closed on any day that school is cancelled due to a weather emergency. Please do not call the studio, check your email, as an email is sent through the DancePortal system and cancellations and schedule changes due to weather are also posted on our FaceBook page. Be sure to check both locations for information if you are unsure.

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