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* SIBLING DISCOUNT - up to $18.00 per child: automatically applies at checkout, 10% for each sibling (applies to Full-Term students in Group Classes only)

* ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE - is a one-off annual fee and includes Music Book Packs for each age and stage.

* HOLIDAY PROGRAMS must be paid in full on enrolment: Auto Payers need to return to Account, Pay Balance, Other, then add Holiday amount to pay.

NEW TO JULIE LOGAN MUSIC? Follow these simple steps to Enrol now or contact us for help!

1. Click "Create Account" | Enter surname & Click (follow prompts)
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4. To Enrol in classes, Select TAB for Term 1, 2018 to view options listed for child (in Day order)
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2018 Early Bird Fees Until 9 Dec. Need Help? Call 0425 227 582

Includes Free and Flexible Make-ups any time; Home Resources; a Lifetime of Joyful Music Making!

EARLY BIRD Get 2017 RATES FOR TERM 1 only Expires 9 December!

AUTO PAYERS then continue to save up to $10 per child every term.

$136.00 : Babies 0-1 year
$169.00 : Tiny Tots, Toddlers, Levels 1-3
$169.00 : Level 4 - Introducing Recorder and Ukulele (may package with Song Crew)
$190.00 : Level 5 - One hour class: 30min musicianship + 30min with Piano tutors; Violin tutors; Drum tutors;
FREE additional vocal rehearsals & community performance opportunities
$119.00 : Song Crew - Package Level 4 or 5 with Song Crew and save an extra $18 per term(contact us for Audition and for Discount code)
$136.00 : Song Crew only
$306.00 : Individual Piano, Voice, Recorder, Violin

One-Off Music Packs Registration Fee

One-off Annual fee for Music Packs: applies to all students
$25.00 : Babies, Tiny Tots, Toddlers, Level 1 - Musical Parenting Packs
$25.00 : Levels 2 & 3 - Musicianship Book
$40.00 : Level 4 - Musicianship and Recorder/Ukulele Books
$40.00 : Level 5 - Musicianship & Piano/Violin Books
$65.00 : Song Crew Musicianship Book, Sheet Music, Accompanist, 5 Performances and extra rehearsals included.

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