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Registration Due Date: Wednesday, November 29th, 2017.

Tracks: Open & Performance

The OPEN TRACK is designed for students who only wish to enroll in one or two days a week. These students may change their enrollment to Performance Track at the beginning of any month, their tuition will then be adjusted to the appropriate rate. Open Track students may audition for select RDT performances.

The PERFORMANCE TRACKS are designed for students who wish to take their dance training to the next level with multiple classes per week. Students enrolled in the Performance Tracks must commit to the FULL academic year. Performance Track students are required to audition for all RDT performances.

"Take the blood out, put the music in".
- Mr. Wayne Blatt

Class Placement

Class Placement is based on physical strength and technical ability, emotional and mental maturity, body awareness, and age. Age range is given as a guideline. We’re all made differently, therefore, we progress differently. Please do not compare yourself/your student to anyone else. Our decisions are made carefully and with each student’s best interest in mind.

NOTE: The more classes a student takes each week, the faster they will progress.

"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost".
- Pina Bausch

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