Welcome to MOVES Dance Academy's Registration Page

To begin the registration process, please create a new account by first adding parent information, and then filling out student's information. Once that is complete, a list of classes will show based on the student's age. If you DO NOT see the class on the list, be sure to email us at dance@movesdanceacademy.com and we will enroll you in the class manually. After you have chosen the class you will be enrolling, you will remit payment of registration fee and current month's tuition (if you are starting in the middle of the month, the system will automatically pro rate it for you). AUTO-PAY is also required to enroll in classes. A valid credit/debit card must be on file. Auto-Pay is ran on the 5th of each month. Lastly, you will receive an email of confirmation, and that will solidify your spot in class. YOU'RE ALL DONE and we will see you in class soon!

TO BOOK A FREE TRIAL - You will still need to create a parent account and add your dancer's information. Once a list of classes are shown that your dancer is qualified for, you will see a hyperlink "BOOK FREE TRIAL" underneath the class name. Click on the desired class you want to book and continue to follow prompts from there. Super simple :-)