Welcome to DancePro Academy's Parent Portal

You can use the portal to enrol with DancePro Academy. Booking classes you wish to try is also simple as is amending family and student details.

See your statements and pay them directly from your account- other payment options are also available.

Read through and acknowledge Waivers to ensure you understand our policies.

Welcome to the DancePro Academy Family!


Please ensure you have acknowledged ALL the waivers. Should you attend classes, it is assumed that you HAVE acknowledged them and you are therefore under contract with DancePro Academy's terms and conditions.


Photographs and video footage is used for publicity on social media platforms and the website. It is important that you acknowledge the waiver to say if you do/do not want your child to appear in these pictures. There is no obligation.


Our teachers are trained in First Aid so please take the time to complete your child's medical notes. In the unlikely event of an emergency, it is helpful to know students allergies/ doctors surgery/ physical and mental differences etc. as this could save crucial time.

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