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CUPS Fall 2021 Class Information

Class registration for the Fall will begin in August. An email will be sent out to continuing students with information on how to register once TUSD is back in session. Please email the office if you have any questions.

CUPS Fall 2021 Rates

Tuition Fee:
$65 per month/student - unlimited classes
$35 per month/student - unlimited classes (must live on the Westside of Turlock and be pre-approved) Students who qualify can also attend a workday once a month in lieu of tuition.
$10 (additional tuition fee) Piano students only

One Time Registration Fees:
$10 Registration Fee for CUPS per student or $20 Registration Fee for CUPS per family
$10 Piano Registration Fee (Piano students only)
$50 per semester Aerial Insurance Fee (Aerial students only)

Production Fee:
$75 per student or $100 per family or volunteer to help with production

Other Fees:
$10 Missed Piano class fee (if absence is unexcused)
$80 fee for those who drop Piano without a 30 day notice
Late pick up charges will apply if you are more then 10-15 minutes late picking up students.

More Information about CUPS

For more information about CUPS or Westside Ministries please visit www.westsideministriesturlock.com. CUPS is an inner city performing arts ministry and has been serving the Westside of Turlock for over 20 years. We are a part of Westside Ministries whose primary goal is to serve the people of the westside - teaching them the gospel and discipling those who gives their lives to Christ. All programming is Christ centered. All are welcome!

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