Welcome to Center for Urban Performance and Service !

CUPS Vision Statement

CUPS is a ministry of Westside Ministries dedicated to training up children, youth and adults to become skillful in the performing and creative arts and use their talents to build up, serve and enhance the kingdom of God. Our unique program offers technical training along side Biblical teaching. More information about our program can be seen on our website www.westsideministriesturlock.com
For questions, please feel free to email us at cupsdance@icloud.com or call the office at 209-667-9020

Current Rates 2019_20 Season

Registration Fee: $10/student or $20/family
Tuition Fee: $65 for non-Westside residents and $35 for Westside residents (or workday once a month). This is a base tuition cost and includes one Ballet class per week and some electives. Higher level ballet classes (Int/Adv Ballet) as well as the following elective are an additional $5 per month: Tumbling, Step, Aerial, Acting, Pointe. These classes are not covered by the workday and will be an added charge each month. Tuition amount will be reflected when registering. *Ballet class is required in order to take electives other than music.
Production Fee: $75 (student) or $100 (family) or parents can sign up to help with the production and waive the fee.
Aerial Fee: $50
Other Fees: Every student is expected to participate in at least one fundraiser each semester to help cover the cost of programming.

Registration Spring 2020

We are currently working on updating the schedule for the Spring. Registration for new students is open. Classes will begin January 21st. Please come by the office for questions and paperwork. Continuing students who just completed the Fall 2019 semester will be enrolled in the same classes for Spring, but their class time may have a few minor changes - please double check before attending classes on the 21st. We will notify everyone when the new schedule is out.

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