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CUPS Rates

*Season rates are subject to change. Stay posted for updates rates regarding the 2020-21 Season
Regular Season Rates (as of Spring 2020):
Registration Fee: $10/student or $20/family
Tuition Fee: $65 for non-Westside residents and $35 for Westside residents (or workday once a month). This is a base tuition cost and includes one Ballet class per week and some electives. Higher level ballet classes (Int/Adv Ballet) as well as the following elective are an additional $5 per month: Tumbling, Aerial, Acting, Pointe. These classes are not covered by the workday and will be an added charge each month. Tuition amount will be reflected when registering. *Ballet class is required in order to take electives other than music.
Production Fee: $75 (student) or $100 (family) or parents can sign up to help with the production and waive the fee.
Aerial Fee: $50
Other Fees: Every student is expected to participate in at least one fundraiser each semester to help cover the cost of programming.

Fall 2020 Classes

CUPS is currently working on developing a COVID-19 safe schedule for the upcoming semester. Please stay posted for more information.

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