Welcome to Center Stage Dance Academy!

Medical Information

All registered students must go to Manage Students on your parent portal home page to supply medical information. Please click on students name and fill out medical questionnaire and save changes. Please do not leave blank. Put N/A for anything not applicable to your dancer.

Online Merchandise Orders

All Dance Shoe Orders are to be placed through an online store link, www.shopnimbly.com/CSDAmass, there are dance clothing options available through this online store as well. Any shoes or clothing ordered through the www.shopnimbly.com/CSDAmass store link will be shipped directly to your home.
Shoe Orders: For sizing accuracy, Please read sizing information stated in Individual Shoe Description prior to ordering.

CSDA Merchandise is still offered through the Online Store in your Parent Portal.
From October thru April, orders for CSDA Merchandise through the Online Parent Portal Store must be received by the 10th of the month , any orders placed after the 10th off the month will be processed with the next month's orders.

CSDA Apparel Orders

CSDA Logo Apparel and custom embroidery orders for non stock items will be placed during the months of November and March. Once online order has been placed you will be contacted with the current availability of items ordered.

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