Welcome to Keystone Ballet Academy!

NEW!! Level C and Pointe Class

We have increased our technique level classes and have added Level C which is a 90-minute class. This class is offered 4X weekly. Two of the classes will be followed by 45 minutes of pre-point/Pointe class. KBA Students taking Pointe class are required to sign up for a minimum of Level C Ballet Class 3X weekly. If your child studies other forms of dance at another studio, they must take a minimum of Level C Ballet Class 2X weekly to be considered for Pointe Class. If your child is on pointe at another studio, they may not meet the criteria needed to be on pointe at KBA and will have to be evaluated. They will still need to take a minimum of Level C technique class 2X weekly. We teach and prepare our students with pre-pointe exercises which are beneficial for improving ankle/foot strength and alignment. We put most children on pointe when they are 11 years old. If you have any questions about our criteria for pointe or would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact us by calling or sending a message.

Have Fun and Dance Safely

We want you child to have fun. We also want your child to dance safely. Your child will learn the proper alignment and better their technique with individualized instruction. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and different body types. We inform parents of any issues we see like pronating ankles or hyperextended legs. We never force or excessively stretch a child. It is a high priority for us to prevent your child from developing chronic injuries that could last a lifetime. Students that spend the time focusing on correct torso alignment, hip turnout, proper articulation of the feet, and detail to arm placement will ultimately be better dancers regardless if they are recreational, competition, or dance career-oriented.
AT KBA we believe it is great to dance...but it's better to dance great!!

Parent Observation Week

We allow parents to observe a full ballet class twice a year in the Fall and Spring. Space is limited to 2 visitors. Fall Observation Week is November 12th - November 17th. Spring Observation Week is April 8th - April 13th.

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