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Beginner Ballet Level A1 - 3 Different Classes

We are offering more options this year for students to begin studying ballet. Children 8 - 12 begin our Level A1 classes 2X a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Older children ages 11 and up with some dance experience can come to the accelerated Tuesday Level A1-A2 class.
Teens and adults can come to the Wednesday evening A1 Class.

Why are we named Keystone Ballet Academy

"Keystone" is often used metaphorically for an essential part on which the whole depends.
Therefore, Keystone Ballet Academy "The Center Pointe of Dance" literally translates to; Dance on which all else depends.

Dance Training WITH Classical Ballet:
The origin point for all other forms and genres of dance today, is ballet.
Dancers in other disciplines are well-served and have greater technical abilities when they have a solid core foundation of ballet training.
For this reason, We strongly recommend that all dancers, no matter their preference or primary interest, study classical ballet
in addition to other genres to increase the technical advancement and overall quality of technique.

Dancing in Pointe Shoes

We offer the opportunity for students ages 11 - Adult to learn to dance in pointe shoes.
Children are required to take two ballet technique classes a week starting at Level A1. They continue with two ballet technique classes a week for Level A2 and Level B1. Students will continue their training over the summer sessions as well. Pointe classes begin in Level B2. All students are required to pass a Pointe Shoe readiness test. Students are required to take 3 classes a week in Level B2 and up along with Progressing Ballet Technique. Students will be at least 11 years old and studying ballet for 3 years. For complete information about dancing on pointe, please visit this website link: https://www.kba.dance/pointe-classes
Adults begin dancing in the Teen/Adult class once a week. After a year they are allowed to start twice a week in the Level A2 class. Adult students continue in Level B1 twice a week and must maintain training over the summer. Adult students must commit to taking class 3X a week in Level B2 along with Progressing Ballet Technique.. All students are required to pass a Pointe Shoe readiness test.

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