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Nov 9th Fall Workshop!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that this upcoming Saturday is our fall workshop with Keiran Bohay and Sam Crossley. The workshop is open to all KDA dancers. Contact the studio to register!! Cost is $95.00 + GST
Keiran Sam
Sat Nov 9th Workshop
9:00-10:00- Int/Sr- Tap & Jr/Pre-Int-Stylized Jazz
10:10-11:10- Jr/Pre Int- MT & Int/Sr Stylized Jazz
11:20-12:20- Int/Sr- MT & Jr/Pre-Int H-H
12:30-1:30- Jr/Pre Int- Tap & Int/Sr-H-H

Dec 6th-Winter Workshop with RJ, Joey and Brittney!

Join us Friday Dec 6th for some master classes with the awesome RJ, Brittney & Joey! They are back and cant wait to see everyone again;). Cost is $65 + GST

Fri Dec 6th Master Classes
3:30-4:30- Joey-Int/Sr Jazz & Britt-Jr/Pre-Int Tap
4:30-5:30 - Brittney-Int/Sr Tap & RJ Jr/Pre-Int HH
5:30-6:30 - RJ-Int/Sr HH & Joey-Jr/Pre-Int Jazz

Sat Dec 7th-Ladies Night!!! Adult Heels Class with RJ!

Back by popular demand, this adult heels class is full of fun and entertainment. Join RJ for a great night out with friends!
Friday Dec 7th-7-9pm at the Kimberley studio.
Cost is $25 per person and includes one adult beverage;)

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