Welcome to Micaiah's Studio of Ballet and LivFit Fitness LLC!

Code of Conduct

All Students are expected to show love and consideration for one another. This means we wouldn’t say or do anything that would hurt a fellow student. We will listen to instructions and work together. We are a team and we build each-other up.
If a student is disruptive during class they will receive 2 warnings, by the 3rd warning they will be asked to leave class for that day. Students refusal to participate during class will receive the same 2 warnings and if their refusal to participate continues, they will be asked to leave class for that day. You will not be able to make this day up.
Students need to be dressed and ready to attend their class 5 minutes before their class starts. No Students will be allowed in the dance studios unless they are accompanied by an instructor or have gotten permission from an Instructor.

Dress Code

All Students need to be dressed in their proper dance or fitness attire.
Ballet Classes: Ladies: Leo, Tights, Ballet Skirt, Pink Ballet Shoes , hair in a bun or pulled up
Gentlemen: White or Black Shirt, black athletics pants, black jazz or ballet shoes
Tap Class: Tap Shoes, Athletic wear
Jazz/Lyrical Classes: Turning Shoes or Jazz shoes, Dance shorts or leggings, shirt or Leo
Hip Hop Class: clean athletic shoes, sweats or leggings, shirts
Skills Classes: knee pads, dance shoes, athletic wear
Fitness Classes: Athletic wear and clean gym shoes

Storm Days & Make up Classes

Storm Days:
Our policy is if Valley City schools cancels classes, early releases due to weather or cancels after school programs, we will follow their lead and no classes will be held on that day.
Storm Day Class Makeup: please join in the following week a regularly scheduled class, unless a specific makeup class has been added.
Make Up A Class: if you missed a class due to illness or vacation please Join in the following week a regularly scheduled class.

Emergency Evacuation:
Incase of a fire we will evaluate to Pizza Corner
Incase of a Tornado we will evacuate to the basement of our building

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