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Welcome Packet 2021-2022

Welcome to Performing Arts School of Classical Ballet (PASCB). We are so excited to have you join our family!!

Here at PASCB our goal is to introduce each student to the joy of dance in a wholesome, supportive atmosphere while presenting classical ballet in its purest form. This welcome packet includes information that is vital for students ranging from their first year dancing to Company members. PLEASE READ carefully and thoroughly as it covers everything from attire to recital information. We require each student and guardian to follow all guidelines and policies.*

*You will receive two copies of the policy. One is for your records and the other is for our records and requires your signature.**

**Not required for online registration.
Office Hours and Contact information
There is someone available in the office sporadically. If you leave a message on any platform we strive to answer within 24 hours. The best way to contact either studio is to email: info@pascb.com or call (830) 484-8890 or txt (830) 484-8890.

Monthly Communication
Additional and new information as well as reminders and opportunities will be emailed in our monthly newsletter. PLEASE make sure we have a correct email address on file or update the existing one if it has changed. It is the responsibility of the student and parents to check for updates on a regular basis. Instructors will reference the emails in class during heavily scheduled months. Depending on the amount of events occurring in a particular month we will send anywhere from 1 to 5 emails.

Parent Protocol
Due to concerns over COVID19 we ask that Parents do not come into the studio during Class times. If you have a concern please let us know. You are more than welcome to sit out front on the benches. For our little ones we ask that you limit parents to 1 per student.

Parent Observation Week
We will have 2 Parent Observation Weeks, at which time Parents will be invited to attend and observe the class. Please see “Important Dates” listed below.

Dancer Protocol
We ask that students arrive at the studio no earlier than 15 minutes before their class. There is a dressing room and restroom they can utilize for their items and necessities.

Unless a teacher requests, the only items allowed on the dance floor are: water bottles, other dance shoes (i.e. pointe shoes, jazz shoes), and an optional small towel.

Not allowed on the dance floor: food, gum, cell phones, jewelry, street shoes.

If a student has arrived to class late, please wait till the current exercise is complete before entering the dance floor.

While waiting for your class to begin, stretching and warming up are great. Please keep noise to a minimum.

Lost & Found
There is a basket inside the dressing room for Lost & Found items. Please check before leaving the studio as it is cleaned out every TWO weeks.
A good way to ensure your belongings make it back to you, is to clearly label all dance wear and anything else you may bring to the studio.

Available Classes
Accompanied in the Welcome Packet is a schedule of classes available for your selected studio including distant learning options. These times are set but classes can be added, or removed, based on demand. We also offer small group and private lessons. If you wish to pursue small group or private lessons, distant or in person, please email the office.

Class Levels and Placement
We have an array of class levels for the very young to the very mature. However, class placement is at the discretion of PASCB. Class placement is based on strength, concentration, coordination, experience, and the safety of the dancer. Class levels are not the same as school grade levels and sometimes it may take a dancer several years to move to a new class.

*If you are a beginner we will complete a trail class that is fitted to your dancer by age and then placement will be determined.

Pointe Shoes
Getting pointe shoes is a great achievement in the dance world. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to train in pointe shoes and we are always very excited to see our dancers progress.
A dancer must have a certain strength to wear pointe shoes and if they are not truly ready wearing pointe shoes prematurely can cause physical harm. At PASCB we ensure that our students know the proper technique and possess the strength needed before being allowed pointe shoes. As with class placement, dancers will be ready for pointe shoes at different levels in their training. No one dancer is the same.

Please know that you and your dancer MUST receive a letter from PASCB informing that your dancer is now ready for pointe shoes before they are allowed to purchase or wear pointe shoes. Dance stores will not fit a dancer without this letter.

If you are new to PASCB but have trained in pointe shoes at your previous studio, please inform the instructor.

Annual Performance
We hold an annual performance at the end of every season. As we get closer to our performance you will receive a recital packet. PLEASE read the entirety of its contents as it will contain VERY important information.
Be aware that once you have signed up for the performance, you have made a commitment to ALL required dates. There is no refund.

We are so excited to dance with you this season!!
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


When you are signing up for classes please be aware if the class has a star next to it, the class is either a online class or has a online options...
IF there is NO star it is NOT an online class.

IMPORTANT DATES- Mark your calendar

Mark your calendar with these important dates:
Below is a list of the important dates for this season please mark your calendars.

First Day of Class: Last Day of class
Kerrville - August 15th Kerrville May 20th
San Antonio - September 6th San Antonio June 10th

Performance Day:
San Antonio - JUNE 3rd
Kerrville - May 19th

Costume Fee is due in November ( 75$- 100$ )
Performance Fee is due in April ( 85$-100$)

The studios will be closed on the following dates:
Labor Day - September 5th
Columbus Day - October 10th
Thanksgiving Week - November 21st - November 26th
Winter Break - December 19th - January 3rd
Presidents’ Day - February 20th
Spring Break - March 13th - 18th
Easter Weekend - April 7th - April 9th
*SA only Fiesta Weekend April 28th - 29th
Memorial Day - May 27th - 29th

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