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Here you can view and book classes, pay for your dance tuition and much more.
It's a new system, and we are constantly adding new features, so check back regularly!
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Complete Beginners!

Use this portal to book your place on our beginners courses. Add yourself, your partner if you have one, and then add the class you wish to attend.

Our beginners classes are split into couples classes, and individuals classes.

Couples classes are for those with a regular partner that they will dance with during the class. We don’t mind what relationship you have (mum and daughter, same sex couples, two friends dancing together, everyone is welcome!) but one of you will be dancing leaders steps, and the other will be dancing followers steps. You will be dancing in hold with your partner, but with distancing in place from the other couples in the class.

Individuals classes are for those without a dance partner. All routines are taught solo to start with, then you may partner up with others from the class to dance together. We will change partners so you can make friends and get to know each other! However, if you are not feeling confident about dancing with a partner, that’s fine – it’s your choice.

Children's classes - Free trial

You can book a free trial class for your child through this portal.

Once you have created an account and added your child, choose "schedule trial" against the class that you wish to try out.

It's free! All you need to do then is come along to your scheduled trial, and we'll take it from there!

New feature - Autopay!

We have a new feature on our online portal system: Autopay!

Autopay makes paying for your dance classes simple. You enter your payment details once, and we will automatically charge you each time the payment comes due. You don’t need to remember to log in every month.

On the portal home page after you have logged in, choose “Enrol in Autopay”.

You can do this at any point, and opt out again at any time – you’re in charge. You’ll get a notification every time a fee payment is charged.
We hope you find this new feature useful!

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